Concept: Transformation
Year: 2018
Deadline: 4.5 Months

People change from their first year at university until day graduate. The change shapes our experience and we become responsible and professional. Transformation starts within us. The transformation of the interior connects us with shapes, colors and textures as well as other elements of architecture.

Goodbye - My Sad Captains
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The songs that gave me inspiration while working on the project.

Equal Mind - Beach House
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Starman - David Bowie
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Design Process

Cafe - Lounge Area

Transformation Staircase


The task of the Transformation Staircase does not only make a connection between floors. Also, create an iconic and monumental element for students.

Library - Classroom


Special Furniture Design
Transformation Elements

The furniture supports the concept of the faculty with its forms. Every element comes from vertical and horizontal lines and they change with the curve point.  Thus, this development goes step by step. The elements used for many objects which are the function of table, seats and other elements. The panels are made by bearing aluminum profiles and covered by Corian.

Readymade Furniture

Details of the Transformation Staircase

Ceiling and Lighting Plans


2D Drawings: AutoCAD, Visualization: Adobe Photoshop-Illustrator,
3D Model: SketchUp, Animation and Renders: Lumion, Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro