Concept: Cell
Year: 2017
Deadline: 4 Months

''A building or interior occupies a unique situation; it is inherently connected to its site''(Context+Environment). When l went to Pasalimani Flour Factory, l remembered the citation from the book l read. l was impressed by the beauty of nature and the historical places around the building. It gave me the inspiration to create an atmosphere in the interior as well as the living atmosphere around the building with Cell. The permeable feature of the Cell means that the natural atmosphere around the structure carries it into the structure. Its vividness represents the vitality of the natural atmosphere around the structure.

Where does inspiration come from?

Do you see what I see?

Do you feel?

When l was on the subway, holes of ventilation plate under the seat caught my eyes. The idea of permeability comes from the holes in this panel. When inspiration comes, l was listening to this song:

Vangelis - Ask the Mountains
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Design Process

● Designing of the Nucleus and Connection Element.
● Creation of new masses (The window opening can be used for the pass between masses).
● Creation of new spaces.


User Profile:


Plant scientists, university students and professors and people who interested in plant science.

Library - Classroom

Connection Element and Nucleus

The Nucleus has a role between two buildings as a bridge.

Exhibition Area - Connection Element - Nucleus

Details of the Transformation Staircase


2D Drawings: AutoCAD, Visualization: Adobe Photoshop-Illustrator,
3D Model: SketchUp, Animation and Renders: Lumion, Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro